a “Sunday Funday” unlike the typical “Hollywood” experience in LA

Brunch 2 Bomb offers an opportunity to celebrate success without subscribing to traditional club standards like bottle service, celebrity status, or dress code requirements. We find events like these to be more common on the East Coast. As the average club consumer ages, their income increases while their tolerance for certain treatment simultaneously and drastically decreases.

It seems nightlife as a whole does not take these consumers into consideration without aging up their interest.  This leaves an entire marketplace with growing buying power dissatisfied or excluded... seemingly forgotten about all too often. You may find some opportunities on the East Coast but the West Coast is more often than not, out of luck. 

Enter the solution, so many have been yearning for, especially here on the west coast. . . Brunch 2 Bomb.


With aspects of a day party and brunch combined, Brunch 2 Bomb can easily be confused with other events. The difference maker for B2B is the PEOPLE. The community building at Brunch 2 Bomb is like no other. Guests actually come up to one another and speak without the sole intention of romantic connection to follow... it's unheard of. 

Without a single security issue, countless business connections, mini-college reunions, not to mention a few love connections Brunch 2 Bomb is the place to be as a professional millennial. Brunch 2 Bomb offers a familial atmosphere, providing the perfect place to build fruitful, long-lasting professional and personal relationships. Brunch 2 Bomb offers the benefits of those stuffy after-work cocktail hours you're forced to go to without the stuffiness and pretension... and you're welcome. 

The most authentic relationships come from authentic connections and Brunch 2 Bomb finally gives you the place to do that.


Brunch 2 Bomb is both an accident and a perfect storm 10 years in the making. Co-founders, Adrienne Reed and Benjamin Walker met in 2003 at the University of La Verne and quickly developed a familial bond. Years later, the two reconnected through mutual friends and quickly realized no time had been lost. At this point Benjamin was a budding DJ in Hollywood and Adrienne dived head first into corporate America. Shortly after reconnecting the two experienced each other’s professional expertise and saw the opportunity to create a unique event platform together. Talks shortly followed to start a networking brunch series in Hollywood. Unfortunately, with their individual careers on rapid rises to the top, this bright idea seemed to find its way to the back burner. Slowly but surely it was forgotten about, until August 2017.

Adrienne found herself in a bit of a birthday dilemma. She was looking for a location to host a 30+ person brunch without a deposit. Having outgrown the club stage and never been a fan of the Hollywood process or bottle service in general, brunch was her natural go to. The location wasn’t as simple. Enter longtime friend and popular DJ, Benjamin Walker, with a solution. Ben took Adrienne’s problem to the manager of one of his residency venues, 1933 Group’s Harlowe Bar in West Hollywood and just like that the problem was solved. This quaint venue near ample parking with some tasty brunch bites was the perfect solution. Adrienne was totally down, as long as Ben deejayed and spun Adrienne’s favorites, 90’s R&B with a few new tracks sprinkled in. Benjamin obliged but with a venue this large the guest list needed to increase as well. Ben and Adrienne invited all their friends and 200+ guests showed up. The turn out blew Adrienne, Benjamin, and Harlowe manager, Billy Bob Thompson away. Inspired by the turnout and intrigued by the concept, Billy asked Ben and Adrienne to return. A few meetings later, a back burner brunch concept nearly ten years old, has become one of the largest 90’s brunches in the country.


This accidental endeavor highlighted an unknown need within a community of millennial professionals of color. We don't want to overlook the same opportunity again. The founders of Brunch 2 Bomb are committed to proactively attempting to meet the needs of the B2B Community. Being an event committed to being more than a party is a philosophy both founders actively believe in and support. For our first anniversary, approaching October 2018, we look to support a philanthropic endeavor chosen by the community. See some of our ideas below and throw yours in the hat! We look forward to your vote!

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