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Brunch 2 Bomb School Daze Edition featuring Outta Pocket

Its that time again-- The OFFICIAL "Brunch 2 Bomb" Brunch & Day Party is back celebrating the wrap of Outta Pocket with an sneak peak of the new web series coming to YouTube! 

This month's theme is brought to you by the Gammas, Half-Pint, and Dap, SCHOOL DAZE! HBCUs, NPHC, show out, be owt, be here! This is what the people call a lituation for the culture! Where else could you possibly be? You have no excuse! NONE!

See you Sunday, September 16th ...you know why--- Brunch is just TOO BOMB!

Sounds by DJ Benjamin Walker, DJ Jeff Behavior, and DJ Nickyboi

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Sounds by DJ Benjamin Walker and DJ Jeff Behavior!


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